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Embedded Computer with LTE, CAN-Bus and RS485 - GX-6300

Modern Linux Kernel 4 System
LTE/4G or 3G integrated
Extensive industry interfaces
3 CAN ports, RS485, RS232, 1Wire, I2C
Fanless, power consumption from 1.5 Watt
Ext.Temp. -40°C..+85°C available
Wide range DC input
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GX-6300 product line

The GX-6300 series is a high-performance, industrial-grade Linux-based embedded computer product family for versatile tasks in wireless M2M communication and IoT connectivity. The modern Kernel 4 based GX-6300 Embedded Computer System is ideal for connecting devices, machines and systems to the internet.
Several product variants are available, customer-specific designs are possible.

Industrial interface equipment
The GX-6300 system supports a 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface, up to 3 CAN bus interfaces in the standards 2.0A and 2.0, two 480MBit/s USB host interfaces, RS422-, RS485- RS232-, MBus-, 1-Wire- und I2C-nterfaces. In addition, up to 8 isolated digital inputs and 8 digital outputs are possible. The 400 MHz ARM system is equipped with 256 MB of internal flash memory and 128 MB of DDR RAM. A microSD card slot is available as a removable mass storage.

Modern and open Linux system
The GX-6300 system comes with a modern, ready-to-run kernel 4 based Linux system. There are two Linux distributions available. A Debian system as well as a compact buildroot-based system. Both systems can be selected on the fly. The open Linux system is freely programmable and configurable. The processing time is very short, applications can be realized quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

Power supply with wide range input
The power supply can be supplied with DC voltages between 8 and 40 volts. The supply input is reverse polarity protected and protected against overvoltages.

Intelligent control of the power supply
Optionally, an external control of the switch-on and switch-off process is available. The power is switched on and off via a status input. The shutdown process is automatically controlled by software so that a safe and controlled shutdown of the computer is ensured.

Maximum operational safety
The GX-6300 Embedded Computer produces virtually no heat thanks to the very low power consumption. Operation is fanless and without moving parts. The reliability of the software system is optimally supported by the integrated hardware watchdog for 24/7 operation.

Action button
The ActionButton is a small concealed button that allows you to start a user-specific program. Thus, desired actions can be carried out in a simple manner on the spot.

Specification GX-6300

 GX-6300 CANGX-6300 RS485GX-6300 PROGX-6300 FLEX
Linux operating systemDebian 8 / Jessie and Compact Linux system supported, Kernel 4 based system
Linux system preinstalled, The Linux system is freely customizable
Flash256 MB onboard, 4 MB NOR Flash
Main memory128 MB DDR
Mass storagemicroSD-Card, accessible from frontside, with retainer
LTE/4G/UMTS/2GDual-Band TDD-LTE B38/B40, Five-Band FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7/B8/B20, Dual-Band UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA+ B1/B8, Dual-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800 MHz
Powercontrol and Reset can be controlled independently via software
3G/HSDPA+/UMTS/3G, HSPA+ 14.4 Mbps downlink, 5.7 Mbps uplink, 3G five band, EDGE class 12, GPRS class 12, 2G quad band
Powercontrol and Reset can be controlled independently via software
4G/3G antenna connectorSMA female connector, Optional: auxiliary antenna connector
Network1 x 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Schnittstelle
USB Host2 x USB host 2.0 high speed 480MBit/s
RS2321 x RS232 - Universal use
1 x RS232 - Terminal
RS422 / RS485-1 x RS422/RS485
1 x RS485
1 x RS422/RS485
1 x RS485
0/1 x RS 422/RS485 0/1/2 x RS485
MBus interface

Option: Integrated M-Bus Interface for up to 25 M-Bus meters,
short circuit proof, reverse polarity protected, M-Bus software library available

Digital inputs4 digital, isolated inputs, wet contact, optional dry contact


8 digital, isolated inputs, wet contact, optional dry contact0/4/8 digital, isolated inputs, wet contact, optional dry contact
Digital outputs2 highside switch outputs-8 highside switch outputs0/4/8 highside switch outputs
RTCBattery-buffered RTC for permanent availability of time and date
WiFiOptional: WLAN / WiFi 802b/g/n
BluetoothOptional: Bluetooth 4.0, backward compatible with Bluetooth 2.0/2.1/3.0
SensorsOptional: 3-Axis acceleration: +-2G,+-4G,+-8G
I2C Port---0/1
Status LEDs 1 x Power on, 1 x System activity, 1 x microSD access,
3 user-programmable LED's
Hardware WatchdogHardware Watchdog for automatic reboot trigger
Can be combined with Linux Watchdog
ActionButtonHidden button for starting a user-specific program or script
Power supplyWide range DC input with polarity protection, Industrial connector

DC Power supply
input range

9..34 Volts9..40 Volts

9..34 Volts

9..34 Volts

TemperatureStorage: -40°C..+85°C, Standard Operational: +5°C..+70°C non condensing
Wide Temperature models, operational extended: -30°C..+80°C non condensing
Wide Temperature models, operational extended restricted: -45°C..+85°C non condensing*
CaseSturdy aluminum housing, Dimensions: ca. 102 x 95 x 38 mm
Mounting optionsMounting brackets, Mounting brackets with integrated dampers against vibration and shock
DIN-Rail vertical and DIN-Rail horicontal

* The performance will be slightly reduced from the 3GPP specifications 


With the option PowerControl, the plug for the power supply has a three-pole design. Two poles remain unchanged for the power supply of the device. The third pole is a status line which is e.g. can be connected directly to the ignition terminal, the terminal 15. The device switches on only when the ignition is switched on. If the ignition is switched off, this is signaled to the operating system, which in turn signals the switch-off request to the application. The application can then perform all necessary work, such as closing files, terminating programs and services etc., and then, if necessary, shut down the operating system and shut down the computer.

Extended operating temperature

With the "Extended operating temperature" option, the GX-6300 can be operated in the following temperature ranges.

-30 ° C .. + 80 ° C (non-condensing) Operation without restrictions
-40 ° C .. + 85 ° C (non-condensing) Restricted Operation

Restricted operation affects the integrated 4G module. Restricted operation allows the module to operate normally, but it may be possible that 3GPP specifications are not fully respected with regard to the sensitivity of the receiver.


The Bracket option is used to easily mount the RX-8400 In-Vehicle Computer on level mounting surfaces. This ensures a stable and easy mounting of the GX-6300.

Bracket with rubber buffer

If a fixed mounting of the GX-6300 3G/LTE Embedded Computer is not possible due to vibrations and impacts, the holder is available with integrated rubber buffers. This can reliably shield vibrations and impacts from the device.

DINrail holder horizontal

The horizontal DINrail holder allows the GX-6300 3G/LTE Embedded Computer to be attached to a standard DINrail. The horizontal mounting variant is selected if the available space is limited to the front.

DINrail holder vertical

The vertical DINrail holder allows the GX-6300 3G/LTE Embedded Computer to be attached to a standard DINrail. The vertical mounting option is selected when the space is limited on the side.
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