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Raspberry Pi compatible, industrial systems

The industry-compatible IoT gateways from Axotec convince with Raspberry Pi compatibility, extensive interface equipment and high quality. The systems are designed for reliable 24/7 continuous operation even in the extended temperature range. The use of the CM4 computer module ensures full industrial suitability. Typical fields of application are IoT / Industry 4.0 applications, stationary and mobile. A Raspberry Pi compatible platform offers a number of significant advantages over conventional systems, which lead to considerable cost savings when implementing the application.


  • The entire operating system and software base is practically always available in the latest versions. This is often a prerequisite for the successful implementation of applications.
  • In many cases, prototype implementations are implemented on Raspberry Pi. The prototype can be seamlessly transferred to industrial product implementation
  • A large number of documentation and descriptions of already implemented applications can be used for projects
  • There is a very large community for Raspberry Pi and therefore a very extensive know-how base

Front view example system as an overview for the possible interfaces

(Project versions are available as FLEX versions with specific equipment)


Back view example system as an overview for the possible interfaces

(Project versions are available as FLEX versions with specific equipment)

Powerful and energy-saving industrial RPi computer platform

The compatibility with the Raspberry Pi platform, which is widespread in the industry, ensures fast and cost-effective implementation of IoT gateway applications. The powerful and extremely energy-saving computer architecture offers the ideal platform even for demanding applications:

  • 1.5 GHz QuadCore system with 1 (2/4/8) GB RAM
  • Up to 128GB onboard flash memory
  • Compatible with industry standard Raspberry Pi
  • Very low power consumption
  • Extended temperature range
  • Power control

Extensive range of interfaces

An extensive set of industry standard interfaces is available for coupling and collecting the data on site:

  • LAN, RS485 / RS232 ports and terminal connection
  • CAN ports
  • Digital-IO, M-Bus, Acceleration, onboard temperature
  • HDMI display port
  • Customizations and
    Extensions are possible at any time

Modern radio technology

The integrated 4G / LTE technology ensures reliable, wireless internet access. A fail-safe permanent link technology was developed for the cellular connection. The connection is established automatically and automatically restored at any time in the event of an interruption. The radio module can be fully controlled and also reset by software. The integrated WiFi module can be operated in both client and access point mode. Both at the same time are also possible. The also integrated Bluetooth interface of version V4.1. offers BLE functionality. For example battery-operated sensors according to the BLE standard can be connected. A BLE interface of version 5.0.

Quick and easy implementation of the application with NodeRED

The systems support a ready-to-use Node-RED installation in the latest version. The version is equipped with full functionality including the compilability of nodes. Specially developed nodes are included for the operation of all hardware components. Furthermore, nodes for standard protocols such as Modbus-TCP, Modbus-RTU etc. are available. Node-RED typically reduces the development time for specific application systems considerably and can be used at any time for professional productive systems. Axotec also offers development support for new developments or modifications of nodes and applications.

Free programmability

Programming can be done with all common programming languages. Examples are C / C ++, Python Version V3.8, NodeJS V12, Java V11, PHP V7, HTML, CSS and SQL etc. Tried and tested systems such as Netbeans, Eclipse, Remote GDB etc. are available as development systems.

Open standard Debian system

The systems come with a ready-to-run Debian Linux. It is a fully featured standard Debian system. This means that practically all common software packages are available and can be installed automatically with the push of a button. Examples are Apache, LightTPD, NPM, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Docker, Paho, Codesys etc. The standard Debian operating system is of course freely configurable. Access to the command line is already set up and accessible via the serial terminal interface and via network and ssh access. Axotec offers development support for the connection of specific hardware such as RFID readers, barcode readers, USB adapters, sensors, etc.

Cloud connection to the leading providers or to your own cloud

The connection to the common cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure / Amazon AWS / Google Cloud / Cumulocity is possible without any problems. A connection to a private cloud is also easy to implement. The common required services and protocols such as MQTT and REST are ready for operation.

Support of all common VPN technologies

VPN technology is regularly used for secure data transmission. Often the VPN technology used cannot be freely selected due to existing infrastructures or other reasons. Therefore, the RGX-870M supports the common VPN technologies OpenVPN and IPsec. OpenVPN, StrongSwan and Wireguard can be used directly as packages. Axotec can offer support with the configuration and commissioning of VPN technology.

TPM Security

An integrated TPM chip is optionally available. This has a wide range of possible uses in the area of security for IoT applications, for example for storing cryptographic keys, for generating real random numbers and for authentication. TPM2 software stack support is available as well as e.g. authentication with cloud services.

Power supply with wide range input

Power can be supplied with DC voltages between 9 and 40 volts. The supply input is reverse polarity protected and protected against overvoltages. External control of the switch-on and switch-off process is optionally available. Switching on and off is then carried out via a status input. The shutdown process is automatically controlled by software, so that a safe and controlled shutdown of the computer is guaranteed.

Highest operational safety

The IoT Gateways have a very low power consumption and operate fanless. The reliability of the software system is optimally supported by the integrated hardware watchdog for 24/7 operation. The 4G module as well as WiFi, Bluetooth and the USB interfaces can be reset separately via software.


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