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IP67 IoT Gateway with 4G LTE - IPX-860T

IP67 IoT Gateway - Raspberry Pi compatible

4G/LTE - CAN - RS485/232 - Sensor

NodeRed, MQTT, REST, J1939, CANopen, Codesys etc.

Protection against oil, dirt, dust and water
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IP67 IoT Gateway with 4G LTE

The IPX-860T 4G LTE IoT Gateway is an RPi-compatible, Linux-based, rugged and IP67-protected computer designed specifically for industrial applications. With the IP67 protection class, the IPX-860T can be used directly in areas exposed to oil, dirt, dust, water and other liquids. The platform is ideal for tasks such as automation applications to capture, process, store and transfer data. The IPX-860T IoT Gateway platform is ideally suited for a variety of industrial applications such as remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, process control, data acquisition and automation. The compatibility with the Raspberry Pi leads to considerable cost savings in the implementation of specific applications.




Fast and easy software implementation and internet connection

A variety of packages, protocols and connectivity options are available for the specific connection to the process and the cloud:


  • Codesys
  • NodeRed
  • MQTT
  • REST
  • J1939
  • CANopen
  • AWS - Azure - Google Cloud - Cumulocit


Wireless Network Interfaces

The connection to the cloud can be made wirelessly via the integrated LTE / 4G interface or via an integrated WLAN module. A ready-to-use pppd system or, alternatively, a high-speed QMI interface provide a fast and easy wireless connection to the Internet. The integrated WLAN and the Bluetooth low-energy interface have a combined external antenna connection. The SIM card is housed in a sturdy SIM card holder and accessible from the outside. The LTE / 4G module has an automatic fallback feature for 3G / 2G if no 4G network is available. The modules can be reset via a software interface. This enables reliable 24/7 operation.


Rich set of interfaces

The IPX-860T IoT Gateway provides seamless connectivity to a variety of on-site interfaces and sensor coupling. Up to 2 CAN ports support the standards CAN 2.0A and 2.0B. In addition to the Ethernet LAN connection, additional RS485, RS232, 1-wire and sensor interfaces are available. In addition, both USB and digital inputs and outputs are available. The intelligent power supply of the IPX-860T enables intelligent switching on and off of the system.


Flexible Debian 9 - Stretch Linux operating System

The IPX-860T IoT Gateway supports the Raspbian-based Debian 9 / Stretch Linux system. All interfaces, such as the CAN bus and serial interfaces, as well as the digital inputs and outputs are controlled via standard APIs or standard Linux device interfaces. The system offers high flexibility by supporting a variety of different programming systems. Programming can be done in C / C ++, with the Node Red system, Python, Java or other common programming systems. Prototype applications on an RPi system can be directly adopted. RPI software compatibility also provides access to a huge knowledge base about the system. This results in significant time and cost savings in implementing the application system.


Specification IPX-860T




Linux Operating System

Debian 9/Stretch based Raspbian system with full access to software, tools and know-how of the Raspberry Pi


1.2GHz Cortex A53 Quad core


4 GB eMMC onboard, alternatively, optional up to 128GB microSD onboard Flash memory

Main Memory

1GB Low Power DDR2 memory


CAT4 150MBit/s download, 50 MBit/s upload (maximum values)
Dual-Band TDD-LTE B38/B40, Five-Band FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7/B8/B20, Dual-Band UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA+ B1/B8, Dual-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800 MHz
Power and Reset of the module can be controlled independently via software

4G Antenna Connector

SMA female connector, alternatively FAKRA connector, Optional: auxiliary antenna connector

Integrated WiFi

Optional WiFi 802b/g/n with external antenna connector (combined with external Bluetooth antenna if option is present)

Integrated Bluetooth

Optional Bluetooth V4.1, V3.0+HS, V2.1+EDR
with external antenna connector (combined with external WiFi antenna if option is present)

CAN-Bus, 2.0A/2.0B




1 x 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Port, optional available by means of cable whip, not available with USB external interface

USB Host

1 x USB host 2.0 high speed 480MBit/s internal for system usage, accessible through removable cover
1 x USB host optional available by means of cable whip, not available with LAN external interface

RS232 Console

1 x RS232 - Console interface, accessible through removable cover

RS232 / RS485

1 x RS232 / RS485 Universal

2 x RS485 or
1 x RS485 and 1 x RS232

Digital Inputs

4 digital, isolated inputs

0/2/4 digital, isolated inputs

Digitale Outputs

4 digital outputs

0/2/4 digital outputs


Battery-buffered RTC


Acceleration, Temperature, etc. (opt.)


I2C or One-Wire Interface

Status LEDs

1 x Power on,1 x eMMC access, 1 user-programmable LED's
LTE/4G status, accessible through removable cover

Hardware Watchdog

Hardware Watchdog for automatic reboot trigger


Hidden button for starting a user-specific program or script

Power Supply

Wide range DC input 8..40 Volts with polarity protection


Optional: Intelligent power control by means of a power control input
The power supply can be switched on and be switched off by software, e.g. by ignition line


Storage: -40°C..+85°C, Standard operational: 0°C..+70°C non condensing
Wide Temperature models, operational extended: -25°C..+70°C non condensing,
-30°C..+70°C non condensing with onboard microSD

Protection Class IP67
Connector IP67 protected

30 pin connector with screw lock


Sturdy plastic case with 4 attachment points, Dimensions: ca. 145/152 x 150 x 50/55 mm

Mounting options

Case with integrated fastening flaps



Pre-assembled connectors

The IPX-860 products are equipped with an IP67 waterproof connector. The counterpart of the connector can be assembled at any time by the customer. Alternatively, ready-made cable plugs can be supplied according to customer specifications.
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